Money refund policy English Native Writers, For a Piece of Quality Research Paper offers the money back guarantee to its customers in the case they are not satisfied with the services we provided to them. We request you to please read our money refund policy carefully so that you would be able to know about the different conditions that will make you eligible for the money refund.

We will refund your money in the case:

  • We won’t be able to meet the deadline you provided
  • We provided you with the plagiarized work
  • We didn’t provide you with the assignment according to your requirements
  • We revised your work but still, you were not satisfied with it Some other conditions are:
  • 10% of the total charges are deducted because of different service charges so 100% money will not be refunded
  • You can claim for the refund within 15 days of the final delivery
  • You are needed to show the actual feedback for claiming the refund
  • You cannot use the paper we provided to you anymore after making the refund claim, we will take strict legal action against such activities
  • Minor mistakes like the formatting, referencing and citations would not be provided with the refund
  • If you submitted the work without asking us for the revision, in this case, no money will be refunded.
  • If you asked for the revision and then claim the refund then a certain amount will be refunded.
  • We won’t be responsible for the failure or the poor grades and therefore we won’t accept the refund claim
  • We have the right to turn down the claim request anytime.
We Guarantee
Money back

We offer the money back guarantee to our customers in case if our customers are not satisfied with the final work we provided to them. For more details read our money refund policy

100% Privacy

We ensure not to share your information with anyone and therefore we provide 100% privacy guarantee to our customers.

Originality of paper

We make it sure to write every paper from the scratch so don’t worry about the plagiarism as we believe in no plagiarism.

On-time delivery

We ensure to deliver our orders on time so that you won’t be facing any type of inconvenience just because of us.