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How to Prepare for the CISI Diploma Exam? A Study Guide

What is CISI?

Chartered Institute for security and investment aka CISI is a certification and diploma course. And anyone related to finance and banking can opt for it. There are many perks of it but to get those perks, you have to study and prepare for it. According to our research, 40,000 CISI exams are conducted annually in 80 different cities approximately. There are five grades of CISI membership and each grade depends on your level of qualification and experience. 

Why you should go for CISI?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a business and finance-related field. So, if you are looking forward to establishing your career in such fields and want to gain international recognition, you might want to take the CISI online exam.

This diploma helps you to broaden your knowledge about standard global qualifications for the investment and financial service industry. Other than that it certifies the expertise and integrity concerning the financial service industry. CISI offers various courses to students in the financial sector. 

How to prepare for CISI?

Preparation is the basic thing when you enroll yourself in a course. Many students don’t think, it is essential to start preparing for their exams on time. And that is what makes studying hard. But we gotta be careful if we are going to enroll in CISI because this certification needs attention. A lot of it. Hence, we are about to mention some tips that might help you to prepare for the CISI exams. 

Start early

It should be a carving on stone because this is how crucial it is. You need to start early. And it’s not about preparation only but every work you do. The reason is simple, when you start something early it benefits you in case of inconvenience. Apart from that, you have got a huge syllabus that you need to cover before exams, with an early start, you can save so much time and even use it for revision. 

It is better to take help from an institute although you can do it on your own. Institutes are a better option because they have a set schedule that cannot be changed or customized. If you enroll early, you are done with your preparations early. Moreover, these institutes ensure that you have learned something with mock assessments. 


Another important part of the preparation is guidance. You need guidance at every step just so it keeps you motivated to do better every time. This guidance should come from a professional who has done CISI. Because being guided by someone who lacks knowledge about the financial sector, won’t be a wise idea. Surround yourself with people and mentors who know what they are doing. And most importantly how they are doing it. 

There is nothing scary about the course if you are smart and know how you can be successful in life. However, it may take some time but everything takes time. 

The right course 

Even so, choosing the right course can be tough but as they say; men gotta do what man gotta do!’ So, keeping that in mind, you should always select the course, you find interesting. Guidance is important but that does not mean you’ll take any course anyone would suggest. That’s why your research also matters. Learn about it and see what is familiar to you. If you’ll take the subject that you are least interested in, it won’t help you to secure the high positions and levels in CISI. 

Don’t get confused!

There is a huge syllabus, you need to complete to appear in CISI exams. And there is only one loophole in the preparation and that is reading too many course books. When you easily study from one book that covers the whole syllabus, we don’t think you need to confuse yourself with piles of books. You can also take online assistance. Just like people take proficient CIPD assignments help online. 

Online learning is a big help in these scenarios because first of all, not everyone can afford expensive institutes. Secondly, some students work which makes it hard for them to attend classes daily so the easy answer is online assistance. 

Time management

Here’s the secret to success. One simple skill, time management! Only if we learn how to manage our time, half of our problems would be gone. CISI is the course you should only option for when you are serious about your career, otherwise, it’ll be another wastage of time. 

Manage your time in a manner that you can study everything thoroughly for the exams and prepare notes, charts, or diagrams whatever method you prefer to use for exam preparation. 


Do you know how people ace exams like these? They set their focus only on one thing at a time. Because if your hands are full, you tend to spill at least one thing and nobody wants that. So isn’t it better to do one thing at a time and leave the rest for some other time? Especially when you are pursuing a degree or have exams, you should set your focus on exams just so you won’t get exhausted. 

Only if you follow these simple rules and tips to prepare for your Chartered institute for security and investment exams, you won’t only be successful but clear all the exams with good grades. Whether it’s CISI or CIPD or any other exam like that, you only need consistency because without that, you aren’t going anywhere.

Apart from telling you how you should prepare for your exam, below down we are also going to answer some FAQs. So, make sure, you stick to the end! 

Frequently asked questions;

How many exams are there? 

This is the most common and typical question about it. Well, approximately 40,000 exams are taken each year in 80 different countries. And yes, you aren’t the only aspirant, there are many other candidates too. 

Can the examination date be changed?

Apparently yes. Changing your examination date can be possible but you need to submit a written letter in which you state, you want to transfer your exam date. However, you can’t transfer the bookings to another candidate. 

What to choose, CII or CISI?

It all depends on what are you interested in. Both certifications have their benefits. You need to conduct thorough research about both before choosing one. 

What’s the format of the CISI exam?

The format of these exams is quite simple. Your paper will be based on 50 multiple choice questions and last for an hour. After completing it, you’ll get four CPD hours. And do expect trial questions. 

How much time do you need to complete CISI?

You will be needing six to seven weeks in order to complete each unit of investment advice diploma so buckle up and start preparing right away. This might be exhausting for some of you. But with the right strategy, everything is going to be fine and smooth. 

What are the passing marks?

Like any other exam, passing marks for this exam is also around 70%. And the passing ratio is around 80%.

How many levels are there in this certificate? 

For those who don’t have any idea about it. It has five different levels whether you are a newbie in the professional arena, relevantly qualified, or an experienced practitioner. Everyone has a suitable grade for them. 

Perks of CISI qualifications

This financial sector qualification will assist you in different areas such as;

  • Financial derivatives 
  • Global operation management 
  • Regulations and compliance 
  • Bond and fixed interest markets

Summing it up!

There you go with all those frequently asked questions although we have not dived deeper yet. Finance and banking is a huge market and you cannot start working in this field without a proper qualification, therefore; many institutes offer their assistance just so you can get through this without any big trouble. 

The truth is that there is no hard and fast rule to prepare for this examination, you need to prepare it just like you prepare for any other exam. But keep one thing in mind that your life does not depend on it. You can explore as many fields and opportunities as you can and you are limitless. If you really want to go after it, make sure you develop your interest in courses related to your field or you’d like to work in the future. 

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